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Love puppies and the ballfield

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Love puppies and the ballfield Look Real Dating

Whether by a corn field, ball field, marching field, or hunting field, our family always seems to find itself at the field. We have been married since August 19, We have five children and one son-in-law.

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Our oldest Shalee married Austin Hofman on August 18, We also have our daughters Sydney, Nyiah, and Taya along with our son Makai. Our story begins when we were kids, raised with dogs as members of our families. They were wonderful companions and great bird dogs.

Kristi grew up with a family dog in the home as well, but her allergies as she grew up were bsllfield significant love puppies and the ballfield to her being able to have a pet in the house. Our research into how to help kids with Autism led us to the realization that a well-trained dog can help kids with Autism to connect and to calm and so much.

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We researched many breeds. That led us to the doodle.

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That led us to Jax. Jax has been a true blessing to our family. He is an F1 Goldendoodle that understands our family.

He can see Ki become agitated and will go and rest his paw on his lap for a quick pet. The benefits of not only a dog for our son, but for our family have been nothing short of a miracle.

love puppies and the ballfield As we grew to love and respect the efforts of Bsllfield and his ability to give our son and family the connectivity only a dog can we continued to research. We searched for the right breed and the right dog for us and we came to Rue an F1b labradoodle who is absolutely amazing.

Love puppies and the ballfield goal with Rue outside of being a member of our family is to provide the best companion or possibly therapy dog for someone who wants that perfect dog.

We have seen what this looks like and we want others to experience the same joy and unconditional love a dog provides.

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Her personality, her drive, her love for her humans is so great. One of the big reasons Labradors make such good Therapy dogs.

We want to be able to improve the breed through our Rini. She is all that a Labrador should be and our family would love to help provide your family a great versatile hunting companion, or therapy dog, or just an all-around great member of your family.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about how we became Love puppies and the ballfield Pups and we pray that your dog can be what our dogs are to us. God Bless.

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