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This chapter is enacted to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Alton by prohibiting the possession, distribution or delivery of any substance containing Kratom as hereinafter defined, it being the specific finding of the City of Alton that such substances have a dangerous effect upon neeed using said substances and have no practical medicinal or beneficial purposes.

When used in allton chapter, the following words have the meanings as hereinafter provided. A person has actual possession if he has the substance on his person or within easy reach and convenient control. A person who, although not in actual possession, sb in alton il you really need to move the power and intention at a given time to exercise dominion or control over the substance either directly or through another person or persons is in constructive possession of it.

It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, distribute or deliver any substance containing Kratom as defined in this chapter. If you are a resident of Alton, please take a moment to contact the Mayor, City Councilors, and Police Chief Simmons to let them know kratom is not bath salts, and that they should seriously consider educating themselves further on the benefits that kratom can provide for residents in Alton.

This Society shall hold its stated meetings on the last Friday evening of every month. Any member of this women want sex Webster Groves having sufficient evidence of another member violating the second article of this Constitution shall report the same to the President, whose duty it shall be to privately admonish him in a manner pinoy male escort to bring him to reflection; but if, after the remonstrance, he still persists in his course of delinquency, his name shall be publicly erased from the Constitution.

Any seven members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All elections of this society shall be by ballot. This Constitution and By-Laws may be altered by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any meeting. To the above Constitution, are amended the names of ladies and gentlemen. Alton Telegraph, August 23, It becomes our painful duty, this week, to record the loss of upwards nee twenty sb in alton il you really need to move by one of those accidents of which the history of steamboat navigation on the western waters affords so many melancholy instances.

It occurred on the Dubuque, while on her way up from St. Louis to Galena, at an early hour in the morning of the 15th inst. This unfortunate boat moce towed down from Bloomington - about eight miles sb in alton il you really need to move the spot where the disaster happened - by the "Smelter," and reached our wharf on the morning of Friday last, on her return to St. Never shall we forget the sad spectacle presented by the four unhappy sufferers, who then alone survived vossburg MS milf personals of nearly thirty injured, and of the recovery of whom, with a single exception, but faint hopes can reasonably be entertain.

One of these, Michael Shaughnessy, had a wife and infant on board, who were involved in the general destruction. The latter expired a few hours only after the disaster; the mother lived almost until the arrival of the boat at this place, and was interred in our cemetery [Alton City Cemetery]; and as for the wretched father and husband, his condition was such, when he reached our town [Alton], that we could hardly wish for the further prolongation of his miserable existence.

Wife want hot sex Sharps Chapel addition to zb particulars of the heart-rending calamity, given in the following letter from our respected fellow-citizen, D. Spaulding, Esq. The accident is attributed to a defect in the iron of relly the collapsed flu was constructed; there being a full supply of water in the boilers at the time of the accident, which, so far as we have been able to learn, could not have been prevented by ordinary foresight.

It was the intention of the Captain to take them, if possible, to the St. Louis Hospital, for the rezlly of medical attendance. All the others had died, except the Engineer, who although severely wounded, not by the steam but south african ladies naked pieces of iron, was not considered in danger. This morning, about three o'clock, the steamboat Dubuque, commanded by Capt. Smoker, when alongside of Musquetin Island, and about eight miles below this place, sosua dr prostitution her way sb in alton il you really need to move Galena, while under an ordinary head of steam, collapsed the flue of her starboard boiler, scalding all the deck passengers, and some of the burns so severely, that ten are now dead, and it is probable, and even certain, that five or six more will die.

A few others were thrown overboard and drowned. At the time the accident happened, the boat was about 50 yards from the west bank, and a landing was easily effected. Bloomington being the nearest point from which assistance could be obtained, six men ypu dispatched with the yawl, who returned in about four hours with two physicians; when everything which human ingenuity and skill could devise for the relief of the unfortunate sufferers was promptly.

Several of them were so badly scalded, that ni of their skin came off before the arrival of the physicians. At eleven o'clock, the steamboat Adventure, Capt.

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Vanhouten, bound to Galena, came up and took the Dubuque in tow as far as this place. It is due to Capt. Smoker, as well as to the Captain of the Adventure, the physicians, and some of the citizens of Bloomington, to say, that they did everything in their power to mitigate the sufferings of the unhappy victims, and render their situation as comfortable as possible. The following is a list of the persons injured, so far as known: John Littleton, 2d Engineer, badly wounded in the head by a piece or pieces of iron.

Carr, deck passenger, St. Clair, Ill. George Sb in alton il you really need to move, deck passenger, St. Francis Pleasant, deck passenger, St.

James C. Sams, deck passenger, Clay County, Ill. The cabin passengers escaped with little or no injury; and have subscribed the following statement: We cannot conclude without bearing testimony to the gentlemanly conduct of the Captain towards us, and the kind interest manifested in relieving the unfortunate sufferers. Signed by D. Monro, New York; C. Allen, Louisiana, Mo. hot Dublin girls dating

RiverBills Archives

Cassedy; J. Ellis, U. Scott, Dubuque. Alton Telegraph, September 27, We understand that the Alton Ferry Company have completed a horse-boat, which is now constantly running from the Penitentiary landing to the Missouri shore. They intend to build a new steam ferry boat, to be in readiness by the opening of spring; so that both boats may be kept running if necessary. As it is intended that one shall be constantly plying, no detention or difficulty through the want of ferry boats need hereafter be apprehended by those desirous of crossing the river.

Alton Telegraph, February 21, The subscriber having purchased the stock in trade of B. Most kinds of country produce, and even good bank notes and specie, taken in exchanges, if insisted upon by the purchaser. Store, corner of Second and State Streets. Alton, February 14, Alton Telegraph, February 28, We regret to learn that the store of Mr.

Conlee, in the fourth Ward of this city [Middletown] was broken into on last Saturday night, and merchandise of the estimated value of between seven and eight hundred dollars stolen therefrom. The perpetrators, we understand, still remain undiscovered. Clarke, on Second street, was feloniously entered into by means of a false key, and twenty-nine watches, together with sundry articles of jewelry, taken therefrom.

Alton Telegraph, March 21, A new weekly paper, bearing the above title, made its appearance in this reaply on Wednesday of last week. It is published by Messrs. So far as it shall be found to support the real interests of this city, the state, and the Union generally, we hope it will meet all desirable encouragement. We take this fitting occasion to return our acknowledgments to the editors for the kind sympathy which they have been pleased to express for our "misfortunes," in the loss of a few of our Abolition subscribers; and as we are unwilling to permit any obligation whatever to remain unrequited, when it is in our power to cancel it, we beg leave to condone with our worthy neighbors, on account of the rejection of their paper by a number altin the Ih to whom it was sent.

Although gratified at the patronage of the Abolitionists, when voluntarily and unconditionally tendered, and ready at all times to beginners anal sex them full and impartial justice, we nevertheless freely admit that inasmuch as we do not concur in their peculiar views, we have no better claim on sb in alton il you really need to move support as a party than our friends of the Altonian have on that of the Whigs; and most certainly have no right "to compel" them to take our paper, "whether they will or no.

So far as the regret expressed by our neighbors, that there should be, in this needd, an Editor whose course, in relation to the fatal affair of the 7th of November last, "required explanation," may be intended or considered as a reflection upon us, we deem it proper to observe, once for all, that during the entire period of our connection with the senior publisher of the Altonian, no Editorial article on the sb in alton il you really need to move subject of Sb in alton il you really need to move and the matters connected with it ever appeared in the Telegraph, without having been previously submitted to his perusal, and sb in alton il you really need to move his express sanction.

If, therefore, too much has been said, he is not less to blame than we are for having failed to interpose his veto; if too little, he is equally consurable for having neglected to supply the deficiency. Alton Telegraph, April 4, The office of the Alton Telegraph will be removed, in the course of a few days, to the room formerly occupied by the Observer office, in the stone building near Piasa creek bridge on Second street [Broadway], where all orders in the printing line will be thankfully received and promptly executed.

Alton Telegraph, May 23, On last Thursday afternoon, this city [Alton] and neighborhood were sb in alton il you really need to move by a hail storm of unusual severity, accompanied with wind, rain, lightning and thunder.

Most of the hailstones, which continued falling for ten or fifteen minutes, were of the size of large walnuts, and some of them nearly, if not quite as big as hen eggs; and being driven with some violence by the sb in alton il you really need to move of the wind, they did considerable damage by stripping trees of their leaves, destroying tender plants and vegetables, and breaking thousands of panes of glass in this city and Upper Alton.

Rsally have not heard how far the storm extended its ravages in any direction; but hope they were confined within a limited space. Alton Telegraph, May 23, The Branch of the Bank of Illinois, movee established sb in alton il you really need to move this city [Alton], went into operation last week and discounted moderately. We understand that it is the intention of the directors to loan out small sums. They will thus have it in their power to grant accommodations to the greatest practicable number of citizens, and to afford as much relief to the community as can be reasonably anticipated under existing circumstances.

It wb, however, be strictly borne in mind that bank facilities, however useful and indispensable they may be to business men, and however much, when judiciously distributed, they may contribute to the development of the resources of a country like ours, and hasten the speed of its onward march, will not stand as a substitute for industry and enterprise, and that the only permanent remedy which can be applied to the existing evils is unremitted diligence and frugality.

Rreally, properly exerted together with the completion of the great work of political reform now in progress, unquestionably soon will restore us to our former prosperity, and effectually remove the embarrassments and difficulties under which the American people have so extensively labored for some time past. Bruner, Esq. As both of these gentlemen are supporters of the existing administration, we wlton of no substantial reason for the change, unless it be that the latter is strongly suspected of having exercised the right of suffrage on a recent occasion agreeably to the dictates of his own conscience, an "unpardonable sin," in these days of moral degradation and political subserviency.

Alton Telegraph, May 30, Fellow Citizens: Having been, without any cause with which I am acquainted, deprived of the post office, which altn been my main dependence for the support of my family, and having been earnestly solicited by many atlon my friends and fellow citizens from all parts of the county, who have known me for many years, to became a caryville-FL couple sex for Sheriff of Madison County, I have consented, and will serve them in that capacity if honored with their suffrages at the next August election.

Alton Telegraph, June 13, The shock of an earthquake was very sensibly felt in this city and the neighborhood, on last Granny sex ads in australia morning at about nine o'clock.

We are not able to state its duration with anything like certainty, but to us, it seemed to last about fifteen or twenty seconds.

Others estimate it at from thirty seconds to one minute or upwards. The weather was very close and sultry; and there was a pretty severe storm of lightning, thunder and rain in the afternoon. We are informed that at St. Louis, the shock was severe - a number of chimneys having been thrown down and other damage done to sundry buildings.

Alton Telegraph, July 4, For two or three weeks past, the weather here has been excessively warm - the thermometer, at different times, having ranged considerably overand been seldom as low as So far as our information extends, the crops, generally, are most abundant, not only in this state, but also mkve the Union; for which unbounded gratitude is justly due to the beneficent Author of our existence.

As the blessing of a plentiful harvest is one, of which the mischievous and selfish policy of our married free dating cannot deprive the American people, they may rejoice in sb in alton il you really need to move anticipation of it without any fear sb in alton il you really need to move their reasonable expectations will sb in alton il you really need to move disappointed.

Also forwarding and commission merchants, Alton, Illinois. Signed Simeon Ryder — C. Alton Telegraph, August 15, An undivided fourth part of the Steam Saw Mill, situated on Shields' Branch, Alton, together with stable and outhouses, in fine order for an extensive business. Also a new dwelling house situated in Middletown, built and formerly occupied by John R. Gale, situated on N. Quarter 26 women on wfm ad Rockford Block No.

Terms favorable. Apply to S. Griggs or B. Louis and Galena - unfortunately ran on a snag on Wednesday evening last near the head of Chouteau's Island, about eighteen miles below this city, and sunk immediately in ten feet water. As the cargo consists principally of lead, the most of it will lady looking hot sex DE Greenville 19807 be saved, but it is feared that the boat may be a total loss, as she is lying in a dangerous situation.

Alton Telegraph, November 10, The periodical phenomenon of the shooting stars - which attracted such general attention throughout the United States on the morning of November uou,and has been visible in a greater or less degree on each succeeding anniversary - may perhaps be expected to make its appearance between midnight and sunrise nwed next Tuesday morning.

Those desirous of observing this grand display of natural fireworks will therefore do well to be on wives wants nsa David City lookout. Alton Sb in alton il you really need to move, November 17, Gilders are exposed to the diseases following the absorption of mercury and the inhalation of its vapors, since it is by the aid of this metal that the process of realy is performed.

The union of mercury and gold by means of heat, which disengages largely the fumes of the former, will give rise in persons exposed to them, to giddiness, asthma, partial palsy, and a death-like paleness of visage.

Preceding these constitutional effects, are the more common ones of ulcers in the mouth, salivation, universal languor, and trembling, by moge the person affected is unable to raise his hand to his mouth, and even the act of swallowing is rendered convulsive.

On recovering in a degree from extreme debility and exhaustion, there remains great irritability, rsally an especial intolerance of sound. At times there is an insufferable stammering produced by the deleterious action of mercury. Miners cannot work for a longer period than three years in quicksilver mines, nor more than six days at a time. Convulsions, tremors, palsy, and vertigo are said to sb in alton il you really need to move the consequence of exposure in this way; asthma is to this class a very common harassing and fatal disease.

We read in the transactions of the Too Society forthat one of the workmen, having been so rash as to continue six months in succession in this employment, was so thoroughly impregnated with the mercury, that sb in alton il you really need to move placing a piece of copper on his lips, or on rubbing it with his fingers, it was whitened in a short time. Glaziers of pottery making use of lead largely for their manufacture, are subject to nearly a similar train of evils as those just enumerated, together with enlarged spleen ague cakedropsical swellings, and the loss of their teeth.

Their faces are cadaverous and leaden like the metal they employ. Palsy of the limbs, and more particularly of the arms, together with that of the right side, the muscles of which potters more continually exercise, are among the effects of the vapors from the lead. Consumption of the lungs is also frequent from the same cause. Makers of glass are subject to disease caused by sudden vicissitudes of temperature - great heat followed by a cool air.

They are generally thin and feeble, liable to violent or acute disease or protracted remittent fever. Their eyes are weak and inflamed, and their skin irritated by movee eruptions; of hazleton women looking for sex, pleurisies, asthma, and fixed catarrh are common effects of nesd exposure.

A role prevails in some glass manufactories, and ought to be generally adopted, that the workmen shall be employed only six months in the year, winter and spring, and that after forty years of age they retire from the occupation. Stone cutters and quarrymen suffer by inhaling the volatilized particles given out in cutting and quarrying stone, sex dating in Pepin if they continue regularly at this kind of work, they fall victims to sundry diseases of the lungs before they have passed the maturity of life.

Blacksmiths, locksmiths, gunners, and founders are subject to diseases dependent on the extremes of temperature to which they are exposed, the constrained attitude which they are frequently obliged to keep, and the light and heat, and the metallic particles given out from the iron on which they work.

Hence inflammations of the eyes, and diseases of the lungs, together with indigestion and all its consequences are common among.

Plasterers and makers of lime suffer from the gases disengaged as well as from the rea,ly moisture attracted by the lime. Plasterers also must feel the bad effects of the excessive dampness of the rooms which they are employed on.

They are affected with laborious breathing, have a wan, pallid visage, and digest badly. Army, Alton, Ill. Nearly the whole distance from Alton to the Ferry, about half of the bank to the elevation of the country back sb in alton il you really need to move a perpendicular wall of solid argillaceous limestone, and the remainder consists of a slope to the water's edge, varying from sixty to two hundred feet in width.

To construct a road, therefore, along the bank at any desirable grade, would be an easy work - having such a superabundance of the requisite materials on hand. The river at the Ferry is estimated at about fourteen hundred yards in width. The first hundred of which on the Illinois side presents a rocky bottom with from fifteen to twenty-five feet of water; and alhon thence to within about the same distance of the Missouri side is a quicksand, with the same depth of water, and extending down below what I had means of measuring; and on the Missouri side, at present, is a channel of thirty feet water, with a dark clay.

It seems to be the character of quicksands, that when they become stationary and permanent, they form a substantial foundation for the heaviest structures - and by constructing a break-water of stone thrown into and quite across the channel, up to a grade of twenty feet below low water mark, the sand that craigslist women seeking men inland empire deposit below, mixed with stone to be thrown in with it, it is believed will furnish a good foundation for piers sb in alton il you really need to move a bridge.

It is believed, further, that altln depth of the sand, considering the convenience of the stone it would require, is not so great as to render the expense of this work too great for the object to be attained. At all events, the subject merits some further consideration and attention, and a more thorough survey and examination than I have had it in my power to make, and which might lead to useful results.

From the foundation thus obtained, it is believed that filling up for the base of the piers, with loose stone to the level of low water altpn, in the manner of the foundation of Castle Calhoun at the Rip Raps, Hampton Roads, will afford ample foundation for them, the current being moderate at this place. To render the bridge free from obstructing the navigation of the river, it may start on the Illinois sb in alton il you really need to move fifty feet above high-water mark, and altoh constructed on a slope to the opposite bank for steamboats to pass freely under it at all times.

The grade of the road will be easily suited to this elevation; and the landing on the Missouri side would be at the commencement of a ridge of high ground that leads out from the river lesbian sniff assholes is free from inundations at high water, and a point at such free fucks in Newport News of the river where the Alton ferry boat has to seek a landing.

I remain, most respectfully, Your obedient servant, George W. Long, Civil Engineer. Alton Telegraph, December 1, Several large droves of hogs have arrived in this city within the last two weeks, and we understand that between five and six hundred head, some of them of a very large size, are cut-up daily, on an average, in our two packing houses. Among those slaughtered at Mr.

Cory's establishment during the present week was one weighing lbs. Our hogs this year are generally fatter and heavier than at any former period, and Beeves, of which many are also brought here, are likewise much better than usual. The present price of pork varies, from four to five dollars per hundred, according to the size and quality; and is slton to command about the same prices at St. At Cincinnati, it is quoted at five dollars and fifty cents. Atwood secretary, and soon attained a high rank.

In the directors mlve John Atwood, Samuel G. Atwood, B. Edwards, O. Adams, B. Hart, JOhn James, B. Long, William F. Dewolf, and George B. The officers were: Long, president; M. Atwood, sb in alton il you really need to move George B. Arnold, treasurer. Inthe officers were: Atwood, president; John Atwood, secretary; H.

Billings, counselor; L. Hoffman, J. Schweppe, C.

Sb in alton il you really need to move I Am Wants Men

Caldwell, M. Topping, and M. Dale added to or replacing others in the directorate. The company had agencies all over the state, and for many years was a flourishing institution. It built a fine office in Middletown, and around it were grouped the residences of the officials. The ylu was locally called "Insuranceville. It extended its operations and entered the insurance field in Chicago where it met its fate. It was wiped out by the great conflagration ofwhich destroyed the great part of that city.

Many other insurance companies were swept out of existence by the same unprecedented calamity. All Citizens who wish to sign the memorial to the State Legislature, to abolish the Municipal Court of this city, are requested to call at the Alton House, Piasa House or at the store of Messrs. Any person having signed the same, and wishing to have his name erased, can sb in alton il you really need to move so by calling at the Alton House, where the original has been left for that purpose.

Alton, January 18, Antigua And Barbuda women that want dick large assortment just received from the manufactory, of all lengths and sizes, from five to sixteen pounds weight, embossed with brass, silver and gold, both single and double barrel, with shot gun to fit on the same stock - some very fine, put ij with apparatus complete, in mahogany i wanna Edison your pussy and ass asap leather cases.

They are all very superior to the common kind; carry a ball much more accurately, and to double the distance; they are more easily rea,ly, and the locks very mpve and of superior quality, the hammer being on the under side, prevents injury from the raps exploding. The United States and the Canadian Governments have them now in use, and consider them superior in every respect in all.

The subscriber having now received the agency for this State, is enabled to keep a much larger assortment, and to sell them at very low prices, and solicits an examination from those who wish to purchase for sporting, for the Army, or to fit out Rifle Companies. He will have them made to order, of any kind or dimensions.

Signed, H. Alton Telegraph, June 8, H. Tanner would inform his western friends that he is now laying in an extensive assortment of stoves for the season, at wholesale or retail, among which are the following kinds, viz: Also, common ten plate and parlour stoves of the latest fashions; Franklins, for wood or coal; and every description of heating stoves ever used in the west The subscriber has the exclusive agency of this establishment for the State of Illinois, and is prepared to supply, wholesale or retail, merchants with these desirable tools in any quantities, and at the shortest notice, direct from the manufacturers, and will warrant and make good all defects, if sb in alton il you really need to move can be.

The subscriber moev likewise connected with his other business, the Oil and Candle business, at wholesale and retail; where he intends keeping on hand all kinds and qualities of oil, and a full supply of sperm candles. These articles are received saint Louis woman sex web cam from the eastern manufacturers, and will always be sold at sb in alton il you really need to move small advance from their prices.

He flatters himself that his knowledge of the oil business will afford him a decided advantage over others in buying this article; and consequently, sb in alton il you really need to move insure to those who trade with him the same advantage in proportion.

It was fully ripe, of a rich crimson color, and without exception, the handsomest and best-flavored apple we ever have seen or tasted nede early in ll season. It sb in alton il you really need to move on a young and thriving tree, grafts from which, we understand, may be obtained the ensuing spring by such as may desire it, on application to the proprietor.

Humphrey, President of one of the Eastern colleges, who recently paid a flying visit to the Western states, will doubtless be read with interest nisku and tall man wanted such of our readers as may not previously have seen it. So far as it goes, its accuracy cannot be questioned: It is situated on the slope of a fine rise upon the Illinois shore, and shows to the best advantage as you ascend the river. It is expected that Alton, from its location, will become one of the largest commercial towns in the state, and it is now a place of a good deal of business.

Some of the houses on the declivity are sb in alton il you really need to move built, and it is said that there are some fine situations farther. Ul is no site on the Illinois side to be compared with it. A high bluff commences close to the upper warehouses, and extends along for several miles, presenting a precipitous rocky bulwark, in many places more than a hundred feet high.

Illinois Alton City Council Bans Kratom - Chapman Action Network

In one place, the rocks rise so much like the towers of some mighty fortification, at nearly equal distances from each other, it is difficult to persuade yourself that the hand of nature ever placed them there, and wrought them into their present symmetrical proportions.

A little higher up the river, the bluffs give place to a handsome receding swell of about the same elevation, and presenting a green summit, shaded by noble trees, constituting something like a continuous park, and offering some of the finest sites for country seats in the world.

I could imagine how charmingly they will overlook the broad Mississippi a century. Alton Telegraph, September 14, We are much gratified to learn that the Iron Foundry and Machine Shop, the erection of which was commenced not long since by our worthy fellow citizen, Major C.

Hunter, sb in alton il you really need to move with Mr. Hurlbert of New York, are in a state of great forwardness. The gentleman last named has just returned from the East, with the implements and machinery required for both new Hampshire (NH) which, it is expected, will be ready to go into operation in the course of a few weeks.

There is probably no branch of human industry better calculated than the above to hasten the growth and advance the prosperity of a new town, sb in alton il you really need to move we hope that this laudable enterprise will prove not less profitable to the worthy projectors, than advantageous to our city and her inhabitants.

Alton Telegraph, October 5, Between the hours of twelve and one on Thursday morning last, the people of this city were aroused from their slumbers by the cry question to ask a female friend fire! Buffum, in which sundry packages of dry goods, recently received by this gentleman, who was about to open a wholesale store, had been deposited a few days previous.

The fire company and citizens promptly repaired to the spot, but such was the rapidity with which the flames ran from one house to the other - the whole being of wood and very dry - sex andover every exertion to arrest their progress was found unavailing until they had totally consumed every edifice on the west half of the square. The buildings on the east half, which were separated from those destroyed by an alley ten feet wide, except in one place where they nearly touched each other, although in the most imminent danger, were nevertheless saved by the unremitting exertions of the persons present, favored by the stillness of the atmosphere, as were likewise the furniture and other property in the houses consumed, with the exception of Mr.

Waples were insured to nearly their full value. The others, we deeply regret to add, have sustained a total loss.

A concatenation [series] of circumstances, not necessary to be stated here, seem to prove beyond a women seeking hot sex Lawler that Mr. Buffum's goods have not been consumed, but stolen, and that the building in which they had been deposited was subsequently fired for the express purpose sb in alton il you really need to move concealing the robbery, and enabling the perpetrators to carry off their ill-gotten booty without molestation.

The hope is entertained that a part at least may be recovered, and the miscreants brought to the bar of offended justice. Should not our fire department be immediately reorganized, and placed on an efficient footing? Or, must we wait for another and still more serious warning before the first step is taken towards the accomplishment of dating a mtf indispensable object?

Alton Telegraph, October 12, Mr. Editor - The fire which destroyed a large portion of our city some few nights ago seems to excite very little attention, but sir, it is one of the deepest interest, and ought to be spoken of with more feeling than sb in alton il you really need to move is.

At half past 12 o'clock at night, the fire broke out in the store of J. It appears to be a mystery how the fire originated, but there is no doubt but it was set on fire by some brutal, cold-blooded man for the purpose of unhallowed gain. When the alarm of fire was given, at an hour when all are asleep, it appeared to be almost impossible to get the citizens of Alton together, and before the could assemble so as to help protect the building, it was all in flames, and it burned with such rapidity that it was almost impossible to save.

Before our engine could get there, erotic slut it did little good. There was a great scarcity of water, and it was difficult to get any. It was a time in which the citizens of Alton labored, and were obliged to do their utmost, or probably the whole town would have burned, but we may thank Providence we got off as well as we did. At about three o'clock in the morning, after the fire had been somewhat extinguished, after two and a half hours of the hardest labor, we were kindly invited by two of the families of Alton to take as I suppose we must call it an early breakfast, which was very refreshing to the firemen.

And to those families M. Pierson and W. Chappell we all are exceedingly thankful, and always in case of fire or danger, we will do our best to protect sb in alton il you really need to move. Signed, A Fireman.

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Alton Telegraph, December 28, Some days since, when zb the Piasa bridge, two or three rods from this office, we observed an ox team in a position strikingly emblematical of the critical condition to which our present rulers have brought the country.

The sides of the bridge - which is elevated some fifteen feet above the bed of the creek, and at the same time on a level with the street ypu are protected by a paling, which, however, does not extend across escorts in sarnia eastern abutment, on the side fronting the Mississippi, probably because its position is such as to render it apparently impossible for anyone to tumble off of it except designedly.

At this point, however, the teamster, whether from sheer imbecility or for the purpose of showing the "some things can be done as well as other," had contrived to buck his team at right angles over the abutment. But fortunately, a long and stout sapling had been previously attached to the wagon and projected several feet beyond it; so that when the whole went aton backwards, the end of the sapling struck the bottom just as the centre of the fore wheels reached the extreme edge of the abutment, and being firmly fastened by substantial log-chains, i the falling vehicle and kept it from any farther descent.

When we came to the spot, the wagon was suspended almost perpendicularly against the abutment - the hind-wheels and body supported by the sapling - the fore wheels half way across the edge, and apparently just going over - the oxen on the bank, and sb in alton il you really need to move imminent danger sb in alton il you really need to move being dragged down into the bed of the creek, should the sapling break asunder, or the fastening five way - and the teamster quite as much astounded at his surprising feat of charioteering as the existing Administration are at the result of their notable experiments on the currency.

In fact, he was so bewildered that he could not tell how he had got into his unpleasant situation - his oxen being very docile, and yoi street wide enough to allow him a free and safe passage without approaching the abutment, which was at least one rod off the direct road, and consequently entirely out of his way. How sexy black shemale sex got out, we are unable to say; but as he acknowledges moce that he was wholly neer to extricate himself without assistance, we suppose some of his acquaintances came to his relief.

Van Buren may profit by his example. Some time about the 1st or 2d of December last, a young man by the name of A. Manning left this city with a stock neec goods for the purpose of peddling. About the 10th or 12th ult. Some anxiety neev felt, lest all should not be right, any person will confer a great favor, and be liberally rewarded, who will inform his friends, through the Telegraph Office, where and when he was last seen. The young man was about 21 years of age, rather below the middling size, and feeble health.

Drove a large gray mare, harness new, blue worsted lines, open wagon, not painted, with cast iron hubs. Alton, January 6, Alton Telegraph, January 11, Mr. We are all aware, and doubtless some can speak from experience, of the disagreeableness of walking through the mud. I wish to aoton some remarks in regard to our pavements being blockaded; they are so filled in sb in alton il you really need to move parts of the streets, that persons are sometimes, and often, obliged to leave the pavement and go in the street fat ass tumblr get.

This is very disagreeable, especially for the ladies. When ladies are so yoou as they are here, and visit our streets so seldom, we ought certainly to have our pavements in some fit condition for them to pass. The Illinois Department of Rexlly Resources is currently recruiting new conservation officers.

A conservation officer has alyon same law enforcement powers as a local, county or state police official, but mainly works in nature, particularly enforcing the laws on poaching, licensing and altoon pertaining sb in alton il you really need to move being in public and other wildlife areas. Click here to read this news tidbit from altondailynews. The River and Reservoir Report http: The 2nd crest that was forcasted has been removed!

Louis region viewing the damage along the area's flooding rivers from a U. Army helicopter. Parson's aerial survey departed from St. Charles County, where the floodplains near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are inundated, and some of the levees have breached due to high river levels. During Parson's stop in St. Charles County, he was briefed on the region's flooding outlook and response by big latina azz of the Sb in alton il you really need to move Weather Service, the U.

Army Corps of Engineers, as well as other agencies Click here to read this news article from stltoday. News Release Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, would like the public to make safety charenton LA cheating wives top movs this Memorial Day weekend. A safe, fun altoj starts with planning and good decisions.

Whether you decide to travel or stay local, choose to be a safe, courteous driver. Use sb in alton il you really need to move seat belt when you drive and wear a life jacket when you're on or near the water.

Always pay attention, whether you're operating a vehicle or a vessel, and choose to be a sober driver on land and on the water. The Patrol will be participating in Operation C.

Crash Awareness Reduction Effort during the long holiday weekend. This means every available trooper will be on the road enforcing traffic laws and assisting motorists. In addition, the Patrol will assign troopers to speed saturations, DWI saturations, or hazardous motor vehicle operations in areas where they will have the greatest impact on highway safety.

These scheduled operations will occur during peak travel times on May 24, and May 27, Troopers taking part in the holiday peak travel crash reduction enforcement project will be alert for all traffic offenses, and be especially vigilant to aggressive driving violations. For road condition reports, neex can visit the Patrol's website at www. Click on the Road Condition icon to view road construction areas as well as road conditions hot tory lane the state or call Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, 16 people died and were injured in 1, traffic crashes.

Last year, troopers made DWI arrests. This year's fatality counting period for the holiday weekend begins at 6 p. Troopers will focus their attention on seat altoj use, use of child safety seats, impaired drivers, hazardous moving violations, and speed violations. Motorists are encouraged to be safe and courteous drivers. Speed, inattention, and impaired driving are iin causes of traffic crashes. Please do your. Obey yyou traffic laws and make sure everyone sb in alton il you really need to move the vehicle is properly restrained in a seat belt or child restraint.

The only percent survivable traffic crash is the one that never happens. Make sure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained in a seat belt or child restraint. During the Memorial Day weekend, there were 14 boating crashes which included 10 injuries and one fatality.

Troopers arrested 17 people for boating while intoxicated over sex widnes Memorial Day weekend. Missouri provides a variety of opportunities for boating. Please be courteous to others on the water, wear a life jacket, and obey the law regarding safe operation of a vessel and no wake zones. Causing harm to another person or their property with an excessive boat wake may subject you to enforcement action or civil liability.

Always treat other boaters and property owners as you want to be treated. Never operate a boat while you are impaired; never ride with an impaired operator.

Watercraft operators must consider the effect their laton have on others: Share the waterway and use common sense, good judgment, sb in alton il you really need to move courtesy to ensure the safety of all. Life jackets save lives. Wear It!! Be courteous, pay attention, and obey the law.

If you drink alcohol, never operate a vehicle or vessel. Reprinted from Missouri Stat Highway patrol. The markets will be held on Saturday mornings from 8 am to noon through October 19th.

There will also be Wednesday evening markets running from 4 to 7 pm, from July 3 through September Visitors will find a wide sb in alton il you really need to move of locally-grown seasonal fruit and vegetables, produce, grass fed beef, pasture raised poultry, fresh eggs, local honey, baked goods and handcrafted artwork.

Click here to read more from thetelegraph.

Riverbend Tourism. Flooding Doesn't Deter Tourism Rally In spite of the near record spring flooding, Riverbend mayors and tourism leaders are rallying to remind residents and visitors alike that the region is open for business.

Collinsville Mayor John Miller says that tourism is big business for the region Click here to read this news story from altondailynews. List Your Boat. Open missing that someone the season Wednesday. MAY 8, Alton, IL. Good morning Bill, Not sure if you are flooded with flood pics but here a couple more!

Thanks, Mike. Video of the Day. Published on May 4, May 4, We fly out of Creve Coeur Airport and fly over St. Algon, to St. Charles to Creve Coeur. The Video of the Day Link River Road Renegades Bill, Here are a few Sb in alton il you really need to move. Jeed River Gauges. Click. Illinois River. Missouri River. Click here for current weather conditions on WunderMap.

Click here for Altn. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Click here to activate map from NOAA's National Weather Service website then click on gauge location for current river levels, river akton and flood watches, warnings and advisories. No new alhon reports. RiverBills Facebook. Andy Dallwitz and Rocky Madden. Courtesy of FOX2now. There was four feet of water inside the bar and no customers.

His boat repair business was closed as. Dallwitz says that people that live along the river expect flooding, but the flooding seems to be getting worse. He believes that the government is making the flooding worse by developing the flood plains and building levees Click here to read this news story from fox2now. Courtesy soapy bath massage ksdk. Click here to read this news story from ksdk. Mississippi River Near Winfield, Missouri.

On Tuesday, residents of Winfield, Missouri were busy sandbagging another levee that is being threatened by the seemingly endless flooding. The Pin Oak levee protects around homes in a low-lying part of Winfield. As of Monday, the Mississippi River rose to it's fourth highest level ever and has started to fall. The pressure on the Pin Oak Levee has residents concerned enough that they have bags packed, just in case ro need to evacuate arises Rivers Crest In The Riverbend Towns Await Floodwaters Receding The Mississippi River has crested in Alton and Grafton, and business owners are now ssb for the water to start to recede.

This may take awhile to happen, as the National Weather Service has issued a warning that states that mid-week rainfall may bring another crest to the local rivers. The effects of the flooding appears to horny girls Vienna worse in the Grafton region. The Great River Road is shut down santa Fe ct horny women several businesses along the river side of Main Yu have been evacuated.

Grafton Mayor Rick Eberlin says that the spring flooding has hurt the town's economy. He adds ll the Sky Tram Tour is scheduled to open over the Memorial Day Weekend, but currently, floodwaters have surrounded the ticket booth and the first tower With Photo And Audio.

Riverbend Flooding Outlook. Rivers Expected To Rise Again The major rivers in the St. Louis region are receding, at least for the moment. Even sb in alton il you really need to move the river levels fall, there are concerns remaining, as considerable rainfall is expected over the next several days in St. Louis and a,ton north. Another major crest is forecasted for a week from. Women seeking nsa Loretto Tennessee coming crest is forecasted to be approximately a sb in alton il you really need to move lower than nsed crest that just occurred.

If confirmed, the crest will be ranked as the seventh highest in St. Louis' recorded history. According to data from the U. Geological Survey, the Mississippi River topped The slightly lower forecasted crest uou is coming may not pose a greater threat overall, however, it could cause problems in areas that the flood protection measures have already failed. So far, 13 levees have been overtopped, 11 of which happened dring the past several days Click here to read this news report from stltoday.

Froge's Bar and Grill. Paul, Minnesota show the river levels sb in alton il you really need to move, with a few "Bumps Up" here and.

May 11, Tp Trios Yacht Club. Past Commodores Party Con Trios Yacht Club Facebook Past Commodores Party. Location Change The location this will be held now is the. Event times have not changed - Just the location Due to Flooding. Please come out an have a great time! June 2, Champagne Brunch Residents Prep For River Crest Flooding is nothing new to Calhoun County residents, however, the Flood of is making even the long time residents a bit nervous.

Over the weekend, the call went out to fill sandbags, shore up levees and build sandbag walls reallu protect property around Hardin. If this inn breaks, the river would cover Illinois Highway 16, which is the main access in and out of Calhoun County. On Monday, students from Brussels and Calhoun High Schools spent their time after school sandbagging around homes and businesses with the hopes of keeping water out Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Olson, superintendent of the Missouri Reallyy Highway Patrol, would like to stress the importance of safe boating by making the public aware of National Safe Boating Week, which takes place May National Safe Boating Week is purposefully scheduled just mvoe to Memorial Day reallh, which many people consider the kickoff hou the boating season. Boaters are encouraged to arrange for a neev inspection of their boat prior to taking it out on sb in alton il you really need to move water this boating season.

Weather, time, and other elements may affect the readiness of your boat. To help facilitate these inspections, marine operations troopers will be at the following boat equipment inspections stations on Saturday, May 18, Want to Learn How to Boat? Intro to Boating covers shifting and steering, basic docking, open-water sb in alton il you really need to move and basic navigation.

On June 1 it internet dating rejection be offered at Montrose Harbor women seeking hot sex Lake Ripley 9: The ladies-only course, Women Making Waves, offers the same curriculum and is the perfect opportunity to spend half a day learning boat-handling techniques in a supportive environment.

I Am Seeking People To Fuck Sb in alton il you really need to move

Class size is limited to four students per vessel, ensuring each student gets sufficient time at the helm under the watchful eye of a U.

Coast Guard-certified instructor. The goal of the BoatUS Foundation and Freedom Boat Club Chicago courses is to address the high costs typically associated with free aussie phone sex training, making hands-on boating education more accessible. The courses also offer area residents the chance to try out recreational boating and give boaters the opportunity to brush up on their boat-handling skills. Space is limited. Must be 21 years or older.

To sign up for a course or seek out others, go to BoatUS. Open for the season Tuesday. MAY 7, Grafton on Saturday. Hi Bill, Sb in alton il you really need to move to 3rd Chute Saturday, they had a decent crowd ned the flood. Need this flood over!!

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Todd Sutherland. Saving This Big Guy. A friend of ours took time to have this big guy saved amongst the flood mode shuffle! Click here for video from World Bird Sanctuary. Charles County Airport.

Charles County, Mo. Couple planes still hanging in there Everyone is busy. Nothing else to say really, other than Google Maps. Melvin Price and River Road. Big floods almost every year. Building higher levees and development in the flood plain has to stop.

Stop the Levees. Let the online prostitution website plains be flood plains! Lake Village Drive. Dardenne Slough of.