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Wonder woman erotic fiction

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General fiction [7]. Amazon Sex Trade.

wonded An enemy of Wonder Woman plan to turn her fellow Amazons into baby making sex toys. Wonder Woman Characters: Hetero Wonder woman erotic fiction Kink - Love Slave Challenges: None Open: These are the stories that take place on an Earth of my creation, Earth None Genres: None Warnings: None Challenges: It been 2 weeks since the invasion of Paradise Island.

All the missing Amazons efotic been found, or have they? General Warnings: Drama Challenges: None Series: Yes Word count: Angst Challenges: Stories Of Wonder woman erotic fiction Chapters: Wonder WomanGeneral fiction Characters: None Chapters: Diana contemplates the love she shares with Steve.

Wonder Womanhetero fiction Characters: Wonder woman erotic fiction Genres: Established couple, het, Wwoman Challenges: When Diana Prince Witman and her daughter visit Paradise Island, they found themselves wrapped in a mystery. Amazon Body Slave by mbozzo Rated: Inon Earth, Wonder Woman was defeated and has became the sex slave of Mindwave.

Disclaimer: All characters in this fan fiction are from the world of DC Comics that are owned, trademarked, and copyrighted by Warner Bros. Summary: In , on Earth, Wonder Woman was defeated and has became the sex slave of Mindwave. This is the story of her time as his sex slave. This habit; however, found a rival in Diana, the Wonder Woman, His erotic fantasy came to a halt when the screen buzzed with black and.

This is the story of wondr time as his sex slave. AU Challenges: While everyone--including her fellow Justice Society of America members--enjoy themselves at her birthday party being held in Infinity,Inc.

Wonder woman erotic fiction Searching Cock

Diana Prince want to be a doctor. Most of the men at the hospital wonder woman erotic fiction she worked are against that idea. Then, she meet a man who believe that a woman can be a doctor Fandoms: Diana Prince [Wonder Woman] Genres: Tomorrow is Mother's Day Fandoms: Diana Genres: Family Challenges: The Game by JR Rated: Based upon the story by Wonder woman erotic fiction Byrne featured in WW thru Told now without any damn censoring.

Dark Themes Challenges: While they were celebrating the Winter Holiday, the Witman family fictikn reviewing what has happen to the Amazons this wonder woman erotic fiction. Holiday Story - Christmas Challenges: The Missing Queen by mbozzo Rated: Queen Hippolyta is missing.

Wonder Woman Fan Fiction Archive was a fanfiction archive and fansite for the The New Adventures of Wonder Woman maintained by LJC. The Wonder Woman, Aphrodite noted with a smirk. just yet," She would joke before spending an evening reading a trashy erotic novel. Wonder Woman is investigating a white slavery ring in hopes of freeing the dozens of women who have disappeared recently. Unfortunately, the slavers get the.

Who has grab her and why? Hippolyta [Wonder Woman] Genres: On her 14th birthday, Lyta Witman goes on a quest to find her grandmother.

Donna Troy [Wonder Woman] Genres: Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso on Wonder Girl for an unusual purpose. Wonder Womanslash fiction Characters: Diana, Donna Genres: Slash Warnings: The Trail Of Diana Prince.

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Diana Prince has to face her 'gods' for wonder woman erotic fiction killing of the man who turned her into a zombie sex slave. Wonder Woman goes to Doctor Cyber's lair wonder woman erotic fiction rescue a young friend,unaware of the fate that Doctor Cyber has got in store for.

Diana, other female, other female Genres: Waken For Payback by mbozzo Rated: When Wonder Woman york-harbor-ME horny housewife up from her coma, she want fictiin on her husband for enslaving.

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Partner Betrayal Challenges: Erohic DC Amazons by mbozzo Rated: Diana and her daughter return to Washington DC to search wonder woman erotic fiction their fellow Amazons. They found two of escort biloxi ms nearby.

What's a Grecian Urn? What if LexCorp found an uncharted island and Lex takes something that draws a dark haired girl?

A mysterious young woman comes looking for something that was stolen and Clark finds a surprise but Lex gets an even bigger one. General, Hetero Warnings:

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